Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mis-adventures on Metro

In the past week while ridding Metro, I've been sat on…twice. A couple days ago I was sitting by the window solving a Sudoku puzzle on my DS when a lady made movements to sit next to me. I made sure my jacket was fully clear of the seat next to me giving her plenty of room. The lady, however, backed into the seat (rather than sidestepping) and sat her ass on my arm. She soon realized that this wasn't the seat and adjusted herself. No, she didn't apologize.

Another day, while waiting with hundreds of other stranded passengers for the yellow line (long story), I was leaning against the wall reading the newspaper. An older gentleman walked up and pointed behind me. I thought he was looking at the map directly behind my head. Rather, what he wanted was to squeeze himself in the small space between the stone bench and me. (So technically he didn't sit on me) He leaned on me (half his body covering mine) while trying to push me over (there was a guy to the other side of me. I moved completely out of his way and gave him the evilest look I could give.

What's wrong with these people? I'm not a small girl. Is it possible they underestimated the size of me with my gigantic down feather jacket (hey it's effing cold)? Or maybe the underestimated the size of their bulk included with my bulk. Whatever it is-people better stop sitting on me or I'm going off.

Also, attention seat hogs-It's rude. This includes-but not limited to-spreading your legs really wide. stretching your body across two seats, putting your bag/briefcase/newspaper in the seat next to you, sitting in the middle of two seats or (my personal pet peeve) sitting on the outer seat leaving the inner seat open (am I supposed to crawl over you to sit?). Well, guess what we don't want to sit next to you either- our feet are just tired.

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